Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations are letters or statements from a sorority alumna recommending a Potential New Member for membership. The alumna member will provide a brief description of the prospective member and explain why that woman would be an asset to the specific chapter. It is also important to note that a recommendation does not guarantee a Potential New Member an invitation to events during recruitment week, nor does it guarantee membership in that sorority.

The University of Kansas has 12 nationally-recognized NPC-affiliated sororities that will participate in 2016 Fall Formal Recruitment. The recommendation process varies among the sororities, but alumnae will be familiar with their own sorority’s requirements. While it is common to send multiple recommendations to one sorority from separate alumnae, it is unnecessary to exceed more than two. Letters of Recommendation are not required to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment, however, some chapters do find it helpful in getting to know a woman.

Although there is no official deadline for when letters of recommendation must be received, all alumnae are encouraged to mail them directly to the addresses below no later than July 31 to ensure that they are received prior to the start of recruitment.

How do I contact an alumna?

The easiest way to contact an alumna to write you a letter is to start asking around among your friends and family. Ask your neighbors, your friends’ mothers, your mother’s friends, and your teachers at school! If they are not members of a sorority, they may be able to put you in contact with someone who is. Another option is to contact an Alumnae Panhellenic Association in your area for assistance with securing a recommendation. The alumnae member writing the letter should know that her chapter forms are available through her National Offices, her national magazine, and the chapter’s national website. Once you have determined who can write you recommendations, supply these women with information about yourself that they can include. We suggest providing a résumé and a photo of yourself, as well as a pre-stamped and addressed envelope to the woman writing your Letter of Recommendation to ensure the recommendation reaches the intended destination.

Where do I mail my recommendation?

The alumna writing your recommendation letter should mail it directly to the respective sorority’s P.O. Box or mailing address that each chapter has provided. You can find a list of the respective mailing addresses here.